About the Foundation

homeAboutThe Jack Morton Foundation was created by family and friends of Jack after he was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma in March of 2010. Jack has bravely fought the battle and has won! He has changed the life of many with the amount courage, strength, and determination he has shown at such a young age. We will never look at life the same way again since Jack was diagnosed.

We are determined to help change the future of this awful disease by raising awareness and funding for Neuroblastoma research. We will always be fighting for those who have lost their battle, those who have been in remission, and for those we are continuing treatment.

Long overdue update and if you didn't know, I hate cancer

I just realized last night that I never updated Jack's blog after his last scans!  I swear I mean to do it and then the days just get away from me.  Assuming you all know, Jacks scans came back all clear and he is doing fantastic.  He will be starting to see the survival clinic doctors so they can monitor him for any late effects from the treatment and eventually take over his annual appointments.  We will ...

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Jack on the Today Show

See Jack’s national television debut on the Today show along with the rest of his family: Laurie, Zac and Braden.

Watch Kathie Lee and Hoda talk to Laurie and Zac about Jack’s positivity and how he’s faced his treatments like a super hero as well as the friends and family that have helped along the way.

Watch Jack's Appearance