Monday, August 29, 2011

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It’s Monday again and Jack is back at school after another great weekend!  We were busy bees this weekend, but one of the highlights was yesterday because we were able to go to the Diamondback’s game courtesy of Joe and Shanel Saunders and Team Saundo!   We went with some family and friends to the game a little early and were able to take the kids out on the field and they loved it!  Jack walked on the field and said, “oooohhhh my gosh!  This is so cool!”  It was Jack’s first game and he was so excited.  We spent some time down there and got to take some pictures with the large bobble head guys and well as be able to do a meet and greet with Joe and Daniel Hudson.  They were so very nice and took the time to talk with everyone there and sign autographs for all the kids.  We gave Joe one of Jack’s bracelets and he immediately put it on and said he would wear it.  It was so nice of him and although Jack was acting pretty shy, he thought it was cool that he was wearing  bracelet just like him.  The guys signed the back of Jack’s jersey and Jack told me not to touch it because he didn’t want it getting ruined!

After meeting the guys, we were taken up to our suite and were all able to relax and have a great time watching the game and having fun.  The kids loved being able to run around instead of having to sit still in a seat the whole game.  The Diamondbacks won and we are convinced it is because Joe wore Jack’s bracelet…it should definitely be his good luck charm for now on!

Here are a few…well, actually more than a few, pictures of our great Sunday…

Jack and Abbey out front of Chase Field:

Jack in the administrative building:

Jack and Mommy on the field:

Our family:


Autograph time with Daniel:

The guys and Cruz:

Joe Saunders…notice Jack is a tad shy now!

and Braden wasn’t shy at all!  He kept taking the baseball and pitching it at the guys:

The gang:

Game time!

Braden not happy about a bad call made in the game:

Still wearing Jack’s bracelet!

Of course I had to make a baseball sandwich this morning!



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  • I am loving those pictures!!! So glad you all had such a fun time. (I’m laughing at Braden’s “bad call” face). You are something else – loved the sandwich!

    Mom | August 29, 2011 at 1:39 pm |

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