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Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Do you know what yesterday was?? 1 year since Jack’s stem cell transplant!  I have been looking back at the pictures from when we were in the hospital for transplant and it is amazing how much Jack has changed.  I can hardly believe it was a year ago.  It feels like it was only a few months ago and it has made me realize even more how fast time goes by.  We are so thankful that Jack was able to do transplant because we have always said that we thought it was one of the greatest parts of his treatment.  For Jack, it seemed as if he was given a whole new body after transplant.  He felt better, he looked better, he had more energy.  Not everyone feels this way about transplant, but for US, for JACK, it was great.  It wasn’t the best to go through, but we are thankful that he could and we are thankful for how far he has come.

When we left transplant we were told that Jack was VERY limited on what he could do for at least 100 days and we felt like that was so long and we were nervous about how we would handle that.  Now it has been a year.  Jack can pretty much go anywhere and do anything he wants to do.  He can go to games, malls, eat at restaurants, eat off of grills, have company over, go to school, go to the grocery store, get on a plane, go to the movies…so much that he can do now and it’s great!  I don’t have to wash his hands every 2 seconds anymore.  I don’t have to totally regulate who comes in this house and give them a 20 question interview before they come over.  We don’t have to change his clothes after going somewhere that might have given him germs.  It is so great!!

We were told that he probably wouldn’t grow much over the next year and his body could take a long time to recover.  Jack has grown like a weed…he even grew all new fingernails and toenails.  His feet have grown 3 sizes in 2 months.  Thankfully transplant didn’t harm his body like it could have.  Thankfully Jack had an “easy” time compared to others.  Going through treatment is hard…very hard, but Jack did it with such strength and it made it a little easier to go through because he had such a great attitude.

Here is a few pics of transplant:

Poor little guy not feeling so good at all…transplant was supposed to take 10 minutes, but it took 11 (in total Jack style!).  He had to suck on a sucker to try and ease the awful taste that the transplant has.  He can actually taste it.  It smelled like a mix of old creamed corn and raw meet…I know, not good.

Within a hour after transplant…

Later that day…feeling much better after a shower!

and then sleeping again (next day)…notice the iv pole and how large it is..