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Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Well I am finally putting up pictures from Jack’s football experience at Hamilton High!  It was a great time for him.  He was a little overwhelmed at first, but after he got out on to the field, he started to open up to everyone.  What a great group young men and coaches.  Really, they were all so sweet to us and I am sure they don’t even know the sort of impact they had on Jack.

When we got there we were able to meet the whole coaching staff and like I said, what a great group and they are so proud of their kids and how far they have gone.  One of the couches there has a daughter that is fighting cancer too.  I met her and her mom back at PCH one day while we were waiting for scans and she is such a sweet person.  If you want to keep up with her journey, you can find it at  Anyway, after meeting the coaches we were taken in to the weight room where the team was waiting.  Can I just tell you that these kids are huge!  Really, I don’t remember the boys being so big when I was back in high school!  They told the team about Jack and what he has been through and then the team captains gave him, and 2 other boys that were there, Hamilton bags with a hat, jersey, book, and tons of candy in it.  Needless to say, Jack was thrilled.  We went outside and he put on his jersey that hung down to his ankles and his new hat.  He wanted to run out and see the big football helmet and of course try out some of the candy he got.

Notice the jersey!

and of course the candy!

We watched the team warm up and Jack was able to kick the ball around a bit.  I happened to glance over at the woman who was taking pictures of the football team and I could hardly believe it…it was Bradens’ cardiologist!  Of all the people! Kristy and I chatted for a bit and she loved seeing how great Jack looks.  It was just so funny that she was there…small world.

It was time for the game to get under way and Jack lined up with team entered the field so they could all give him a high five.  We tried to get a picture of it, but obviously we had it on the wrong setting so the guys pretty much looked like ghosts as they went past, but you get the idea!

Jack was going to be invited to go with the captains of the team out to center field to flip the coin and he was a bit nervous about it.  He wanted me to go with him, but since the “big guys” were there to help him out, he did good.  I am not sure of the players name, but if he or one of the couches is reading this, #4 really made Jack feel ok to go out there.  The guys grabbed his hands and off they went.  Every time he had to let go of Jack, he would always make sure he would go back and hold his hand to make him feel comfortable.  They did the coin toss and Jack kept looking back and giving us the thumbs up letting us know he was ok out there.  You could tell he felt like a big kid.  His only complaint was that he didn’t get the flip the coin himself!

Our little rookie

For those of you who know…look at the numbers around Jack…what do they add up to???


We stayed down and watched the game but Jack was pretty tired by half time so we decided to get going around then.  I wish we could have stayed for the entire game, but Jack was ready to go.   It was so wonderful to see Jack have fun and let him feel like such a big kid.  It was very emotional to see him with the guys walk out to center field.  Every moment we get is a moment we cherish.  Every time we get to see Jack to something new and different, we are so thankful.  Thank you so much to Hamilton High.  Thank you to Chris McDonald, Rick Doyle, Criag Cobley and the entire football team.