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It’s a long one…a couple of days worth…

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Monday night Nikki and I met up with the rest of the “Children’s Fight for Life” committee to present the check to the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at PCH and it was amazing!  Here’s the check:

Can you see that…??? $100,300!!  How amazing in that?!  Everyone was so happy to see the large amount on the check and all of those at the Center were more than thankful.  It really feels so good to be able to give that amount of money to the clinic since this place was our second home for so very long.  The clinic is filled with honest love and there is nothing better than that.  Of course, the slew of treatment that Jack went through also has to do with his amazing outcome, but we wouldn’t have been able to get through it without these people.

My friend, Angie, owns Yogurtology at Arrowhead (20241 N.67th Ave Ste A-7, Glendale, Arizona) and she announced today that she will be selling Jack’s “Stronger Than Cancer” shirts at her store and every time you wear your new shirt in to get yogurt, you get 20% off!  So if you live in the Glendale area…head over to Yogurtology and get your shirt, have a tasty treat, and give Angie a hug and tell her how amazing she is for all she does for her community.  She really is amazing!

So I was running around this morning with Braden trying to get some last minute Christmas things done.  I have been so busy lately and have had so much on my mind that I haven’t stopped to enjoy the little things…like running errands with just Braden and being able to soak up that time with him while I can.  We were at Target and I was getting a few gifts for the kids and was in the game aisle.  Another mom and dad were in the same row looking at something for their daughter.  The dad picked up a game and goes, “Oh, I bet she will like this one!” The mom replied, “I am sure she will, but are you ACTUALLY going to PLAY it with her?  That’s the real question.”  Dad says, “Well it’s only for 2 players so it could only take, what, 10 minutes to play?” Mom, “Probably.”  Dad, “Well then I can handle that.”  Are you flipping kidding me?!  I wanted to bonk their two heads together and ask them what their problem was!  How could you say something like that??  How could you NOT want to spend that time playing a game with your daughter?  A little peeved with their conversation, I took a deep breath, kissed Braden on the head, told him I loved him, and accidentally elbowed the dad on the way out. (Not really, but I should have.)

We walked in to Barnes and Noble and I instantly felt better.  There is something about a book store…I could have stayed in there for hours.  Now Braden, he isn’t as big of a fan as I am!  If you know him at all, he talks a lot…and he talks very loud, so a bookstore isn’t the best place for him but we still managed to get a few things accomplished while we were there.  Like I said, my mind, as well as most of ours this time of the year, has been all over the place.  I was going through a big checklist in my head while I was driving home, Braden was pretending to be a choo-choo train (loudly!) when all of the sudden, the song “Ronan” by Taylor Swift came on the radio.  I have never heard it on the radio before and have only listented to it once with Jack since we heard it and downloaded it  at the Stand Up to Cancer event.  I instantly got the chills and then noticed that Braden was totally silent.  He sat there and said, “Wisten Mom” with his little hand up to his ear.  We sat in silent for the couple of minutes that the song played as I drove and as tears streamed down my face.  That song is so powerful and even more so since we knew Ronan and Maya while he was being treated at PCH.  I “wistened” to the song and can only imagine how Ronan’s family feels every day, but especially around the holidays.  The song was over and Braden went back to acting like a train and I started thinking about all the things that I am so thankful for and that I don’t even realize…like Braden’s choo choo sound.  It’s loud.  It’s more like a high pitch scream rather than an actual “choo choo” and I will admit that there are times when I am driving and totally tune it out (it’s what mom’s do!).  I started thinking of where I would be if I could never hear that noise again or how I would be if I never heard Jack say, “Well actually Mom…I was going to remind that you are wrong.” or hear the little cough on the monitor in the middle of the night that woke me up just as I feel asleep and left me lying awake for hours.  All of these little things that are actually the big things in life.  The little things are what we need to listen to, remember, write down, record so you always have them.  We need to take time during this time of year, and really all year, to take a deep breath and “wisten” to what’s going on around you and embrace it.  We are lucky.  We are so lucky to have both of our boys here with us.

I started this post yesterday and didn’t finish it.  Today, a horrific act of violance was committed at Sandy Hook Elementary in Conneticut.  A man is responsible for killing 20 children and 6 adults, which includes his mother.  This is something that will never be explained or justified.  These little, innocent, beautiful children were robbed of their lives and their families will somehow have to learn to live without them.  I cannot imagine what the pain is like for them.  I cannot imagine what it was like in that school and what the children who survived actually witnessed.  I wanted nothing more to run to Jack’s school today and pull him out of school early but I fought it with everything in me.  Instead I arrived at his school a bit earlier than normal and waited to see his famous bright neon green Vans backpack come through the door.  I have laughed with other parents and teachers that we can literally see his backpack from a mile away and today I was so thankful for that.  I couldn’t even see his body, but I saw his bag and I have never been so relieved.

Like I was originally posting yesterday, try and take time to soak up your days.  Soak up the moments that will soon be just memories.  Learn to laugh more, love harder, live better, play more, leave the electronics alone for a bit and pay attention to what is really happening around you.  You never know when life will change…through cancer or a sudden tragedy.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those effected by today’s horrific event.

What a night…

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Inspirational is the word that I think really would sum up the Stand Up to Cancer event that Nikki and I were able to attend Friday night in LA.  It was truly a night that we will never forget.  We made our way to the Shrine Auditorium around 2:30 where we first met two other woman who were invited to attend the event because they raise so much money every year for SU2C.  They were so great to talk with and such amazing people.  We were both there for interviews so we chatted for a bit while we were waiting our turn.  Of course our turn came and I Nikki and I were there to really answer just a few questions but I knew the few questions would make me cry….like usual!  Nikki stood there with me while I chocked back the tears and told the camera how cancer has come into our lives and then when the words wouldn’t come out anymore, Nikki stepped in and finished my sentence.  I swear, for being 5 years younger than me, she sure does take on the role of an “older” sister.  She picks me up when I am falling down and always is there to support me.  I cannot thank her enough for going out there with me since Zac was gone with work.

After interviews we had plenty of time to mingle, and that’s just what we did.  We met so many wonderful people that had such amazing stories of their experience with cancer and how it has changed their lives.  It was an odd feeling because you felt so honored to be in the same room with so many amazing people, but at the same time you hated the fact that you were in a room filled with so many people that were affected by cancer.  It just doesn’t seem right that cancer is a part of so many peoples lives.

We were taken to our seats for the show and I can say that they pretty much amazing.  We met some of the other people who were there from the photo contest and it was great to put a face to the pictures that we had already become familiar with online.  There was a little boy sitting 2 rows in front of us that reminded me of Jack and I knew we had to talk to him.  I went down and introduced myself to Jaiden and his father and fell in love with this little 5 year old immediately.  He was shy at first but warmed up right away.  All I wanted to do was keep kissing his little bald head and soak up all his feisty energy.  We talked with Jaiden and his dad for quite a long time and learned that he was being treated for Wilms’ Tumor, a form of Neuroblastoma, and was doing extremely well.  You could see the pain in his dads eyes as he would tell us of what Jaiden had been through and all of his hopes for the future.   My heart hurt for him as I can relate to his fears, but  you could see the strength and determination that came out of Jaiden so we know he will make it through.  We told Jaiden that we would send him something from the Foundation when we got back home and of course he requested a big rig.  Not sure how we will ship that one, but we will figure it out!

From the moment the show started, I don’t think there was too many times when the tears were not falling.  We had heard that Taylor Swift was going to come out and sing the song “Ronan” that she had written about Rockstar Ronan who we have told you about many times.  Ronan and Jack were being treated at the same time at PCH for Neuroblastoma when Ronan’s treatment plan took a turn and he was taken away from his family way too soon. We knew it was going to be amazing, but when she started singing, the entire room stopped breathing.  It was such a beautiful song with the words taken straight from Maya’s mouth which made it even more real.  ”Ronan” is available on iTunes and all of the proceeds from the song will go to funding cancer research.  Please go on to iTunes and purchase the song…it has been #1 since it was released for purchase and it would be great to keep it there.  I promise if you haven’t heard it, grab a tissue.  A whole box.

SU2C focused a lot of pediatric cancer this year and that was amazing to hear.  They are putting together a dream team of doctors and scientists to help find better treatment for pediatric cancer with hopes of one day finding a cure.  If you were not able to donate the night of the event, you can text STAND to 40202 and you will donate $10 to SU2C.  Every penny counts so please take the time to do this!

I think my brain is on overload from all that we have done this weekend and I am totally exhausted so I will be cutting this short.  Thank you for all of the votes that made it possible for Nikki and I to go to LA.  Thank you to Stand Up 2 Cancer for such an amazing opportunity.  Thank you to all of the amazing people that we met there for showing support for Jack by wearing his bracelet and for sharing your stories with us.  We hope to hear from you all soon!!

Jaiden….if your Daddy is reading this, tell him to send us your address so we can get you that big rig!  Keep fighting…stay strong…keep your faith…and never give up!!


Nikki and I on our way!

This board was one of two that was filled (by the end of the night) with people writing who they stand up for…pretty cool

Just a couple of fellow cancer haters…loved them!

Our great seats


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Just a quick update…

I heard from Dr Eshun yesterday and they have still not figured out when they will get Jack in for his scans.  He told me to talk to Mary in Radiology on Monday (who I happen to really like!) and hopefully she will have been able to come up with something.  Jack is doing great and looks wonderful so that is encouraging while we wait for these scans.  I really dislike scan months…the waiting is awful!

All is well here.  Zac is out of town for the weekend and will be back tomorrow so at least he isn’t gone for too long.  My brother-in-law, Scott, is in town so that is always fun for the kids and us!  After we put Braden to be last night, Jackers and I sat on the couch and had a dinner date.  We had salmon, rice, tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms.  He was in love!  We stayed up and watched old “Felix the Cat” shows and had a great time.  I haven’t had a date night with Jack in a long time so it was pretty fun for us.  Both kids are busy running around the house together and all is great.

Please keep Ronan in your prayers still as him and his family really need it right now.