Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Day +18

Jack had a clinic appointment yesterday to see how his levels are and they were great!  His platelets are climbing and his hemoglobin was steady.  He may need blood in the next week, but as of yesterday everything looked great.  They want to continue his iv fluids at night until we go back on Thursday and check his hydration again.  He isn’t drinking the 40 oz a day yet so they will continue them until he does.  He had a really good day yesterday as far as eating goes…he is almost back to normal!  He did finish his adult size portion of vegetable lasagna last night and that is always good! 

He is doing better as far as sleep goes…no more bad dreams.  I have been sleeping with him since he is up every couple of hours because of all the fluids he is taking in.  We transferred into our room instead of Jack’s since Zac had to go down to Tucson this week for work so it is much better being in a bigger bed!  He told me that he loves having sleepovers so I am pretty sure this will continue until he is off fluids at night.

We go back to clinic on Thursday for another check and then I am assuming we will be making an appointment next week to meet with the radiologist to see what the plan is…

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